Welcome Alex

The Mills Lab is happy to welcome back Alex Weber as she will be joining the lab for her Ph.D. We look forward to many years of shenanigans – rather, many ye...

Xuefang Thesis Defense

The Mills Lab would like to congratulate Xuefang Zhao on her successful Ph.D. thesis defense. Her thesis title “Understanding The Complexity of Human Genomic...

Happy New Year

As the New Year has come, we bid a fond farewell - with delicious cake! - to Alex Weber as she continues with her first year as a Ph.D. student in the Depart...

SPECtre Published

Tony’s algorithm on classifying actively translated transcripts was recently published in BMC Bioinformatics!

Whirly Ball with Boyle Lab

Our lab was recently challenged to Whirly Ball by the infamous “Team Boyle”, and naturally we had to step up and represent ourselves accordingly. It was a gr...

Gargi Farewell

It was a sad day for the Mills Lab as we said our farewells to the lab’s first alumnus, Gargi Dayama. Gargi will be continuing her postdoctoral training in t...

Ewha Invited Talk

Ryan was invited to South Korea to give a seminar at Ewha Womans University over the lab’s work on structural variation. There he met with former colleagues ...

Lab Grill-out

The lab got together for a grillout at Ryan’s house. We broke in his new Big Green egg and had quite the smorgasbord of food and desserts, followed by some p...

DCM&B Annual Picnic

Our lab attended the annual DCM&B annual picnic and had a lot of fun!

UMDF Invited Talk

Gargi’s research into nuclear mitochondrial insertions was selected as a talk at the annual UMDF symposium.

SVelter Published

Xuefang’s paper on resolving complex structural varation was recently published in Genome Biology!